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What they say about The Sisters of Sin

Hear it From Satisfied Clients

These two amazing Sisters in Female Domination practice safe, sane and consensual BDSM.
They do not tolerate resistance and will guide you firmly and directly to a state of submission from which you will never wish to recover. You will surrender. You will be smitten and you will be  truly enslaved by the Sisters of Sin. i know i am.

Perverted Gentleman.

The Sisters of Sin, a dynamic duo who offer a very unique BDSM experience.

On my first visit I arrived early, one of the sisters took time to talk to me and helped me relax, she could see how nervous I was. Later when I was led into the chamber, a complete transformation had occurred and I was in no doubt I was in the presence of pure female dominance.

The ladies have a sense for the art of femdom, coupled with a wicked sense of humour, they know how to punish and humiliate. 

Your limits are respected, but you will be challenged to explore those limits.

The chamber and the equipment is to the highest standard and the whole experience top class.

  I left feeling charged and energised and hooked.


“The Sisters are such amazing Dommes, they really think about what they do and tailor every session. They deliver what you need and often know it before You realise, atone for your sins and serve them! It will change your life and make you a better person.”


“Whilst the Sisters can do some pretty extreme stuff they are excellent with beginners and experienced subs, they take the time to understand the level you are at and take safety and aftercare seriously. If you want to learn the Sisters will teach you a lesson... They can and will push you but it’ll be at the right level for you, Serve once and you’ll be back begging for more!”